SIngle player with multiple instruments is this correct way? i talk how end result look

i tested Single player with organ and piano. score looks like this to me is terrible i dont know if this correct or not same kind result i get other cases where stave style changes. is end result what is correct when there is stave style change needed.

If you Setup your instruments: there is an Organ with just two staves. I would try to use that one.

this only example case only same happens also other cases where i cannot change style. and some cases i cannot avoid for example if i need this pedal part as well. or percussion section if i have for example triangle and marimba in same player stave.

I have not heard of a piece where a player has to switch between Piano and Organ. I am not surprised that nobody thought to accommodate a switch between instruments with different numbers of staves for the same player. Is this a real compositional requirement, or just a test?

I would either:

  • Write all the music on the 3-staff organ instrument, named Piano/Organ at the start, label the entrances explicitly, and hide the Pedal staff where it is Piano music

Or, a more likely solution for doubling Triangle and Marimba, applicable to the keyboards:

  • Give the two instruments to separate players in Setup and include them both in the part

test but happens also Marimba and Triangle. etc. any cases where stave is different style. if they are not played same time and i we always have limits how many players we can have. maybe looking this is not problem.

There isn’t really any other way of handling this, aside from disallowing instrument changes so that all of the staves for the instruments held by the player appear all the time, but this is pretty wasteful of vertical space.

i meaned i thinked better looking not now but if possible if this not look correct? i mean i not seen such case in real notes how other companies tool or tradinational engravers do this.

Where this disallowing is possible if needed?

See here: