Single project - no stereo output

Hi -

Using Cubase Elements 9.5.30 build 192 and for whatever reason, there is no output to the stereo buss of one specific project. There was audio yesterday, there is on different projects, but searched the forum far and wide and cant find a solution.

Audio I/O set up properly, driver good - this is project specific. Any help is GREATLY appreciated. Maddening…

This has happened to me on a couple occasions (and their have been others on here).

The solution I found was to create a new Stereo out, route everything to it the delete the original one.

Thanks - I tried that and it didn’t work. What did work was going to each track and manually re-assigning the output. I am not shure why all of them got unassigned… and i still cant figure how to get the midi track reassigned. Any ideas [and thanks btw!]

A thought…

What if you did a project “Backup” renaming the project. Maybe the routing would return or maybe you would be able to re-apply the routing.

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