Single repeat barline in grid presentation


I’m making some learning materials. I need a staff with 2 lines, thus I’m using a precussion kit in grid presentation. I’m asked to put a single repeat barline. Protrusion max lines is set to 1. However, this is the result I get.
Appart from putting there the two dots manually, is there any way to have the repetition dots in between the lines just once?
Captura de ecrã 2022-03-21, às 16.33.10

This is what I get with the Engraving options below.


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I think the issue is that if the lines are sufficiently far apart, Dorico will treat the grid as if it requires two sets of dots. There’s no option to control this at present.

Thank you both for your responses. For now, I’ve gone the custom playing technique to place the repeat barline.