Single rest bar width


I have a piece written out which I’m about to format in Engrave. Single bar rests are, as usual, marked with the number 1. I usually simply go to Engraving Options and turn this off which gets rid of the number. When I do this to this piece the page reformats itself so that the single bar rests are extremely narrow, I’m not sure what I’m doing differently to other pieces I’ve formatted.

Do you have any manual note spacing? Not much info provided in that screenshot?

FWIW, there’s an option not to have 1 bar rests behave like multirests. My instincts tell me you should use it :wink:
It’s in Engraving options (if you’re on Pro, of course)

Thanks Marc,

The top screen shot is with “Show bar count” selected, the lower screen shot is with “No bar count” selected. That’s the crux of my problem, when I select “No bar count” the page reformats itself into the lower screenshot. Usually, the bar count simply disappears, the behaviour is not what normally happens.

Thanks Dan,

I can select the note spacing in the Engrave view and move the bars manually, I just don’t want to. I’m a tad baffled as to what is different with this project to the others that I’ve done.

What do you see if you View Signposts?

Got it Dan! You answered the question in another post - the one about stretching bar lines.

The music was scanned into SmartScore64 then turned into MusicXML and imported into Dorico. The bars with rests are actually empty! As you said in the other post, that means that there is nothing for Dorico to calculate the spacing with.

If I add a random semibreve to the empty bar, then delete it, the bar remains the correct size.



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