Single staff label for multiple staves

Hi everyone,

in the snippet bellow, the Percussion player occasionally plays two different instruments, I have gone through the layout options and missed a way to have the staff label adapt and go between the staves, ideally with a small bracket connecting the two so that it is clear it is one player. Is there a way to hide the two labels and have a single one in between?

Similar to the behaviour when a staff is added manually through the add staves above/bellow edit – then the staff label goes in between the two. In the case of my snippet, however, when I do add a staff above/bellow, for some reason all instruments of the given player appear and can’t be hidden.


I assume your percussionist is holding two different kits? You can show a reasonably complex label for a single percussion kit shown using the grid presentation type, but you can’t show a single centred staff label for two kits held by the same player, I’m afraid.

Thanks for your reply, Daniel. Yes, the percussionist is holding two kits. The add staff function could possibly solve this but I was wondering why the add staves option makes suddenly all other instruments from the given player appear. Is there a way to hide them? This happens both with percussion and non-percussion staves:

In the snippet above, the Bass Guitar and Contrabass are held by a single player. Also, in this scenario, to my knowledge, there is no way to have the secondary (thin) group bracket appear without the main bracket, right?

On a side note: having learned a bit about where the Dorico functionality is leading and how to navigate with it, I am happy for all the work taking place behind the scenes of the programme, relieved with a sense that much of mouse fiddling to make reasonably looking engraving is gone (which I am saying as a former Finale user). Thank you and I am looking forward to the upcoming versions.

Once an instrument that starts life as having a single staff has multiple staves, instrument changes are no longer possible, I’m afraid. This is a limitation that we do hope to address one day, but you can avoid it in the meantime by using an instrument that already has the expected number of staves, even if you then have to rename it so that it is labeled as the appropriate instrument.

I see, okay, thank you!