Single staff missing from only one page (not hidden)

As always, posting here will magically allow me to figure out my own problem…

See attached. The ‘Improv’ Player’s staff is missing from page 2. It’s not hidden for sure, and I’ve checked that I didn’t somehow hide it using 'Manual Staff Visibility. Weirdly, if I try to move bars around to fix the issue, it’s always this one Player’s part (the ‘Improv’ Player) that’s missing at the top of the 2nd page only. Even if I change the content of the bars in that position.

I tried manually excluding the staff from ‘Hide Empty Staves’ even though Hide Empty Staves’ is set to ‘Never’.

I’ve clearly done something wrong. But what? (Please ignore any weird looking decisions, the chart isn’t finished)

Have you (intentionally or inadvertently) done any manual staff spacing movements in Engrave mode? It appears your Improv staff is off the top of the page.

Try opening/creating a new layout for the same instruments, which will start fresh and let you see if that is the case.

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Stand by…

Aha! So, I first tried to drag all the existing staves down to see if the missing stave would appear from the top. Didn’t work (See attached).

However I created a new layout and voila! There’s the improv staff at the top of page 2. The layout is colored brown. Now…I have to figure out why that is and if I can just work in this layout and make it the ‘Full Score’. I’d rather figure out how to display that staff in my ‘Full Score’ but I know this is because I don’t understand how easy it is to convert this ‘Test Layout’ to my new main score.

Thanks very much for the help as always.

You can reset manual staff spacing adjustments, including for all staves in a given frame (ie within the same blue music frame, which most of the time means “on this page”). That’s mentioned in the tip at the bottom of the page here: Removing individual changes to staff spacing

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Aha! Thanks Lillie, that did it! I can now see the ‘Improv’ staff at the top of page 2!


I have already done a rough layout of the chart in the ‘Test Layout’ that I created after Derrek’s post . Lillie can you hang with me for one more question? The last page looked like Image 1 (not done but I was still working on it). Then I went to the Print Tab to see if it would save as pdf and print in white. I saw that in the Print View, the last page does not look like the past page in the Test Layout, which I have never seen in Dorico before, the print page always shows what I’m seeing in the Full Score. Please see Image 2.

So then I changed the last page in the Test Layout. Even more surprisingly, this did not change the way the last page appears when I go to print it. It still looks like Image 2 even though I changed it quite a bit. Can you help me sort this out?

Please confirm that in Print mode you are selecting the Test Layout in the left panel. I suspect that you’re viewing a different layout in Print mode.

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Just another lesson learned. Thanks as always Leo and all.

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