Single staff played by 2 instruments

I’ve searched for a solution to this, but haven’t had much luck. Is it possible to have a single staff be played back by two instruments? Not with each instrument playing different notes, but both playing the exact same thing. e.g. a single grand staff being played by two different pianos

I’m using Dorico Elements version

It depends on your VST; Garritan’s Aria Player can set multiple instrument slots to receive on the same MIDI channel. Any VST that can manage that will allow you to sent a single staff’s MIDI info to multiple instruments.

This is possible in the HALion SE Player included with Dorico Pro.


So although Dorico cannot (AFAIK) do this on its own (yet?), it can be done.


Well that was easy, hehe. I was so focused on solving the issue in Dorico that it never occured to me to just do it in the VST. I’m using EastWest’s PLAY, not HALion, but it was still straightforward. Thanks for the quick response!

Next issue though, this still shows as a single channel in Dorico’s mixer, so I can’t assign different VST plugins per instrument. e.g. I need to be able to apply different EQ effects to each piano separately. Playing with it now to see if I can figure someting out.

Nevermind, I think I figured out the second part as well. I’ll summarize in case anyone else is looking for the solution.

If your VST supports multiple instrument slots to receive on the same MIDI channel, you can assign multiple instruments that way. (see Derrek’s screenshot above for HALion SE, or mine below for EastWest PLAY.

Also from your VST, route the outputs to different channels. Then back in Dorico’s mixer you should be able to control the instruments separately.

Fairly simple really, I was just going about it wrong. Thanks again @Derrek