Single-staff time signature.... waterfall of problems

(Addendum: This has been resolved, working with @dan_kreider)

So here’s a screen shot of a part…

I wanted to have a 9-tuplet that started two count after a rhythmic figure in another part.
I smartly figured out to insert a 2/4 time change for this part only, then I made the barline dashed, and added 4/4, etc. - you can see the effect.

My waterfall of problems:
• In the score, this part has 2 forced-duration quarter rests before the 9-tuplet, which makes it easy to figure out what’s going on. The part will not let me force this notation.
• As a result of that, the player is going to look at it and think it’s 4 beats of rest, not 2 beats. That’s another problem
• Because of the single-staff time signature, all of my rehearsal marks through the whole score have blanked out. That’s a major no-go.

Just rewriting the 9-tuplet “over the barline” makes it into a 16th note 9-tuplet and the notation gets super super silly.


Just to close the loop: the solution was to avoid the independent barlines and time signatures, and instead use the “spans barline” property for the 9-tuplet.

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