Single Step a Cubasis Sequence with One Key

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I am using Cubasis 3.3.3 on my iPad Pro. I have created a single note sequence (Mussorgsky’s Promenade melody) that I would like to play back step by step (i.e., hear the notes one by one) at my command, using a Cubasis button or, ideally, a keypress on my MIDI keyboard. This would be simply to check notes by ear before I go on to input another part. It can sometimes be awkward for me to start and stop playback exactly where I’d like, and this can frustrating.

Any help is appreciated! If this question has been answered before in this forum or in the documentation, please refer me to that.


Hi @yocummr,

Thanks for your message and welcome to the Cubasis forum!
Please check if the"Playhead Scrubbing" option works for you:

(1) Please go to “Setup/General” and enable “Playhead Scrubbing”
(2) Choose a Snap Grid setting (e.g. 1/4) in the sub menu (located to the right)
(3) Move the playhead by hand from note to note

Please let me know if this helps!

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I do not see this option under Setup/General. Do I need the full version to do this?


If I’ve not totally miss-interpreted the OP it’s a simple question about step note entry (ie. step-recording) notes into a midi-event in Cubasis.

Step-Recording makes it easier to use the keyboard to enter difficult to play passages.

Usually step-recording advances to the next ‘grid division’ once all keys are lifted or sustain pedal is pushed (for a tie to next grid division) with no notes held the sustain pedal adds a rest advances the playhead by one grid-division.

I’d love to see Step-Recording to get implemented into Cubasis some day…