Single systems for Keyboards

Hi everybody,
my keyboard setup contains four different synths incl. a Minimoog, a Hammond and a piano…

As I have only 2 arms and 10 fingers, it is obvious that I don’t need a double staff for each synth…
I’m missing a function that lets me freely define 1 staff to my special equipment and is not linked
to the “Einrichten”-Menu…

To give an idea:

  1. staff: MINIMOOG
    2.staff: Roland U220
    3… staff: ASM Hydra
    Piano and Hammond require the classial 2-staff versions provided by Dorico.

Can anybody help?

Yours Peter

Hi Peter, if these instruments aren’t being played simultaneously (i.e. none of their notes overlap with each other), then if you give all the instruments to the same “single” player (the type of player with the one-person icon, that can hold multiple instruments) then Dorico can handle instrument changes automatically for you.

Meaning, the same system could contain notes for the Minimoog, followed by the Hammond, followed by the piano, all on the same staves.

Or, you can make some of the instruments only show one staff by either removing one of their staves manually, or using an instrument that typically uses only one staff and renaming it.

(Additionally, if you’re comfortable asking questions auf Englisch, feel free to post them in the English Dorico forum.)

Hi Lillie, brilliant!!!

There’s only one prob left…
After renaming the instruments, the - now correct names for my keys - appear just on the first and not on the following pages…

Do you have a solution for this?


Peter :heart_eyes:

Hi Peter, what’s your setting here for staff labels? If that’s set to show e.g. Full instrument names on the first system and Abbreviated instrument names on subsequent systems, have you definitely renamed both the long and short instrument names for those instruments?

H Lillie, thanks for your answer.
Yes, the setting is full names on the first system and abbreviated on subsequent systems.
But - how can I rename the instruments short? Didn’t find it.

Yours Peter

If you’re renaming instruments, this is the Edit Instrument Names dialog – it has two text fields, one for long names and the other for short names.

If you’re renaming players, check the new procedure for renaming players as it no longer simply involves double-clicking the player card but instead opening a little dialog where you can change both long and short player names.


THXXXXs for your help :heart_eyes: