Single-tied note

Hey there!
How can I achieve this kind of notation (see image)? I try to add a tie to a single note but Dorico does nothing to it.

Captura de pantalla 2016-12-22 a les 20.04.15.png

¡Hola Alberto!

I had the same kind of task to achieve, and I made it entering a note after the tied F on left hand (a whole note). Then I deleted it and made the rest disappear with the “opacity” (mac) or “alpha channel” (pc) tweak : select the note, check the properties, click on the color square, put the opacity to 0, and then make sure when you print that “colour mode” is enabled, and in annotations (last part of the right panel), that view options is checked.

Oh! Thanks for your solution, MarcLarcher!