Single time signature between brass and strings

Happy Holidays y’all

I’m puzzled about this. I’m doing a media (Film/Games) type score template and putting all the time signatures big and across bracket groups. In engrave settings you can see I want to group everything between brass and strings - in this case perc, harp, piano, synth and guitars - with a single time signature, but it’s only picking up down to the keyboard.Is there something else I need to do?

However when I change the synth to keyboard it works properly. Is there something special about the synth?

In the instruments.xml it’s under keyboard so it’s strange.


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Perhaps the wording of the option is insufficiently clear, but it does concern itself with instrument families and not with the actual instruments in your project and their order. Precisely what it does is that it finds the last instrument in the woodwind or brass family, and the first instrument in the strings or electronic family, and any instruments in the middle, assuming they form a contiguous group, will be considered a single group for the purposes of creating a large time signature.

Got it, the important bit then is “string or electronic” then. Why the inclusion of electronic with string? Was it meant that in a score for electronic instruments the synth takes the place of the strings?

Trying to fix by pushing the synth down to the strings doesn’t work either

By the way the layout is taken from the template, with Keyboard (too generic) → Synthesizer

Anyhow fwiw it seems to me that maybe there should be an exception for string or electronic, if there’s another section of the other type below it.