Single track FX menu issue (iPhone plus)

HUGE fan of this music studio app and felt so lost without it when the new ios was not compatible with the latest update (was extremely excited and relieved when i noticed last night that it had been updated). Everything is amazing, especially the new 80’s drum kits. One thing that is a bit difficult is that in the new update, it seems that when adding FX to a single track the menu for different options is limited as if it doesn’t fit…I can only seem to add EQ (which half of the option is cut off) through to stereo widener (most important option of reverb isn’t …has anyone else had this problem? If so, were you able to resolve it and how? I tried to attach a screenshot but this site doesn’t like media embedding when I try (happy to e_mail a pic somewhere if needed). Really need to add reverb to make my multi part harmonies blend better :slight_smile:!

Thanks a lot for your feedback, Peter!

Music Studio 2.11.1 which resolves this issue has just been released :slight_smile: