single voice part extraction -> Midi export?


Is it possible to do a single voice part extraction i.e. from a SATB Choir so that I could export the Soprano voice in a Midi file?

Thanks and best wishes!

I’m afraid you can’t export only one staff at a time via MIDI, but you should find that each instrument comes through on its own channel in the resulting MIDI file.

… That’s a pity. In Sibelius, that was one of the new Features which I really enjoyed.

Probably you could involve this in a next Update?

as a workaround you could make 4 copies of your Dorico file, call them S, A, T, B and then in each file get rid of the unwanted 3 other voices. This should work and does not really take much time.

Would be super amazing to be able to export just a selection as a separate midi clip! Just hoping!