Single Window

How cool would it be to be able to edit a track in a lane under the tracks window?

I would so enjoy being able to click on a midi part, that midi part come up in the edit window under the tracks window and be able to work on it there, without having to go into yet another open window.

Personally, I get WINDOW-ED OUT, quite a bit while working in Cubase. Close, close, close, close, close…can’t say how many times a session I do this.

It could be easier.

Thanks for this post. I was thinking the same thing. I want to control more edit features in the Project Window. It would streamline work a lot. More like Reason. If you use Reason, you know how quick it is to make music in it.

I think every daw have edit window docked at the bottom of the arrange window. Maybe Cubase will have it?