Sixtuplet to triplet (same duration just number change)?

Is there an easy way to change a sextuplet (6:4x) to a triplet (3:2e)? -without messing with the notes after the sextuplet.

No, there’s no one-step solution for this. However, if you have Insert mode active, you can delete the existing tuplet, then disengage Insert mode and create the new tuplet.

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Thanks Daniel,
I do that but it’s a long score and it’s a mess with the following notes when I delete the sixtuplet when I use the red bar (forgot the name) the lest notes before it get cropped. It would be great to have a possibility to change truplets after entered in the future.
Thanks foe the great work!

Don’t panic. Yes, it becomes a mess when you delete the sextuplet(s) but order magically returns when you recreate the tuplets.

Do not use the shift-alt-I (red stop line) for this operation. (Whilst it will protect the notes beyond the line, as you are making notes longer when removing tuplets it will truncate notes before the line)

And I think Daniel’s instructions are incorrect. You must keep insert mode engaged until after you have replaced your new tuplets (then remember to turn it off).

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Could this be an option?
Insert a blank bar and set the “stop line” at the end of the bar. Actions before will use the blank bar during the change without interfering with the bars after the stop line. When done, remove the blank bar.


Hi Mats
That’s working but it’s two steps more and I have many of it in a large score and I loose all ties in the other parts.

Good point. I did not think of that.