Size fonts of labels in write mode

Hi, I have a orchestra score in Dorico 3.5, that I use on a screen in Portrait mode. In this way I can see all staves and read the notes. But the labels are very small in write mode. Can I change the size of the fonts of the labels on the screen? (See picture)

Dear mmka,
Am I mistaken saying that what you actually want is larger staff labels in Galley view (which is found in Setup and Write mode)?
You should be able to change this using a workaround. I suggest you create a custom full score in Setup mode. In Layout options, make sure you select this custom full score. Layout options >Page setup >space size put something quite big (or small, I don’t remember). This layout will only be used in galley view so you won’t care about the mess in page view. The drawback here is that the bar numbers will be big. You can turn them off in the view menu.
Hope this helps!

Engrave > Paragraph Styles > Galley View Margin Labels

Thanks Craig, that’s much better than my method! :sweat_smile:

You’re welcome Marc. :slight_smile: Your trick works for bar numbers which doesn’t have a setting.

Thanks, Marc and Craig, for your responds. @Craig: your solution did the trick. @ Marc: good to know how I can enlarge the bar numbers in Galley mode.

Actually the trick was used more to make bar numbers smaller so that they don’t clutter galley view :wink:

Okay :slight_smile: