Size limit of graphic slice?


I have recently been doing scrolling score videos. In the process I encountered problems of getting a slice out of Dorico with enough DPI and the length I wanted (to use in the video editing program). Is there actually a limit to how big a slice can be?

In the attached file the layout is set to a width of 1600 mm. PDF and SVG works fine, but PNG and TIFF will cut off the slice if I use 600 DPI setting, at around letter T in the score.

Is this a known problem? Do you get the same results as I if you try it in my file? (706 KB)

Yes, the underlying Qt framework cannot construct a bitmap image larger than 16-bit address space, which is 32767 pixels in the horizontal and vertical dimensions. I’m afraid there’s no workaround other than to use smaller slices, and perhaps to then stitch them back together. I’ve not tried it, but I wonder whether allowing the slices to overlap a little bit and then using the multi-photo panorama feature of a photo editor might give good results reasonably automatically?

Interesting approach. For panorama photos overlap of about 30% is generally used.

Ah ok, I understand, nothing wrong from my side then.
I’ll stay with my workaround which has been to export to pdf, and then from the pdf reader create a snapshot png in 720 dpi.
Thanks for the information.