Size of frame and equal distance


I have written a book with trumpet studies. (My first project in Dorico)
No I want make an Index with the few first measures of all study on a layout page.
Until now everything is ok.

But how can I create identical frames? (same width and hight)
How can I have them to an equal distance on the page?


PS: Sorry about my bad english. Hope my questions ate ok to understand.

If you drag out a bunch of music frames on your first page and make them roughly the same size, you can then select all of them using a marquee selection, and provided you have only similar frames selected, you should find that you can change their position and size using the Properties panel all at the same time.

Hi Daniel$$
Many thank’s for your answer. It works fine and I understand how to do it now

Another question about that is. Can I change the size of the notes staff etc in the frame?



Yes, you can indeed: to change the size of the music in all frames, go to the Page Setup page of Layout Options and change the staff size there. To change the size of the music at a different point, select the note or rest at the start of the system from which you want the size of the music to change, then create a system break there in Engrave mode. Select the system break signpost, and open the Properties panel at the bottom of the window: in there you can override the space size to change the overall size of the music.