Size of instrument name changes.


I just found something strange. If I change the instrument name, the font size changes. In the attached clip, I have just deleted the -e in Saxophone to illustrate. I am doing undo-redo-undo etc.

Is there a way to do this correctly?

…found another one. In the same score that has a string quintet in it also, when changing the name of the double bass to “continuo” all the staff names change size.

Thread dead. Tried the same thing today, in a new document, and was not able to recreate the problem. Strange. Must have been something fishy going on with that particular file.

Well, it is always interesting to read some feedback of strange behaviours…
Each time something strange happens to me in Dorico, I save, quit and relaunch. Usually everything is back in order, but doing so, I do not send any feedback here, so this is not very helpful for D’s team to get rid of those bugs. This is why I thank you !

Thank you Marc, that’s good advice. I will start doing that as well.