Size of notes

Can I alter the size of some single notes in Dorico? I thought I did it some days ago but now I cannot find this function anymore.


I can only see where we can make the notes either a preset size smaller or the default note size. You can do that in the Engrave mode – right click on the notehead you want to change and at the bottom of the drop-down menu is an entry for Notehead – select that and the ensuing drop-down menu allows us to select different noteheads, including “Default (smaller)” and “Default.” The second one is the normal size for entering notes in Dorico.

I couldn’t find where we might be able to change notes by different percentages.

You cannot yet change the size of an individual notehead. This is planned for the future.

Thanks for mentioning this. Although on my system the options are “Default noteheads” and “Default noteheads (large)”
selecting the former actually produces smaller noteheads, which, in the attached Chopin example almost looks correct… I had almost abandoned this example as I knew noteheads cannot currently be scaled… oh well :slight_smile:

try to find something like that in 2.2 to write like Chopin with small notes:
Some news about this?
best regards

You can scale note heads to any size you want with the “Scale” or “Custom Scale” properties.

Press Ctrl-8 to open the Properties panel.

Thanks Rob