Size of system objects, when top staff is reduced in size

I want to ask for a layout option, to use the default size instead of the reduced size for system objects, when the top staff is reduced in size.
I is always a lot of work to change all the paragraph styles to “absolute” and I don’t find a way to, change repeat endings to absolute size (the line and not the number).

Indeed, you cannot currently handle repeat endings or tempo marks in this way, because their text components are drawn using font styles rather than paragraph styles.

I hope this will be added in the (non to distant) future.

Any workaround for repeat endings?

Not a good one that I can think of, no.

@dspreadbury , there is also a spacing problem with repeat endings on reduced staves:

It doesn’t matter, if I switch the endings below the system on or off.

When the top staff is reduced in size to 75%, you can select the repeat endings above this staff and set their custom scale to 133%. In engrave mode, you can select the handles at the end of the first ending and the start of the second ending and move them slightly to the right.

The problem is, that the lines below the system are linked and will get bigger as well.