In cubase 7.5 has a size relationship of text and windows with Windows screen system settings. In the settings screen (Windows) you can set the desired font size and, accordingly, it changes the font and font size, and other parameters in Cubase. In cubase 8 do not have this relationship. On my 4k monitor text looks very small and there is no way to change it. How can I return this relationship in Cubase 8?

And this new Cubase? This is a PRO? Wow!!!

This is Cubase 7.5. Not PRO)

Yep, the C8 UI changes, together with the myriad of glitches they brought along, are pretty embarrassing. Especially since they were not called for. Apparently 6.5, 7, and 7.5 scale decently on 4k anyway, plus, it’s not like that many people have switched to 4k monitors for this to be considered an urgent matter. I am not saying they should not make their software 4k-ready, but SB should not have rushed the UI changes, especially since 7.5 was pretty usable on 4k to begin with.

You gotta ask yourself what’s going on and why they keep futzing around with the UI. Is this what most users need, or is it something that the product manager thinks we need?
I really wonder why they don’t listen to their own customers a little more. If they only took half a day and went through a few pages in the General forum they will get a better idea of what the users actually need, and they will also notice that very few of them, if any, are asking for UI improvements. Well, now they do because of the C8 newly introduced issues/glitches, but I don’t remember anybody asking for a Mac-style Menu Bar on windows for example or even better 4k scalability.


I really hope they are able to let us set the font size as in previous versions. would make the experience more pleasurable. I have complained about this in the past and was re-assured a fix is coming. what the point in squinting,

i must admit, i kinda navigate round cubase from memory rather than actually visualizing the sections i need to access - as in the inspector etc. I get reminded of the font size when i open a plug and try and read the preset menu, for example Massive.hard to read - tooo small