Sizing Applies Time Stretch Not For Midi CC?

the manual says If you resize MIDI parts, the note events are stretched (moved and resized). Controller data and Note Expression data are stretched, too . This does not work at all for e.g. Sustain CC64. Do i miss some settings?
If i want to strech a midi part to half time why are the CC’s not?

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Use the Sizing Applies Time Stretch tool, please.

Hi Martin,
thanks for your reply. I am using the " Sizing Applies Time Stretch tool" that is my point.
It only changes the midi notes but none of the controllers .
E.g. when i am enlarging the midi track to say double lenght i get to halftime midi notes but the controllers are not moving at all. I have to make an additional controller event at the back and then strech these controllers to the same lenght as the midi track. Isn’t this supposed to work when i enlarge just the midi track?
Are there some setting in the preferences i am missing?


Do you use it in the Project window or in the Key Editor, please? It works this way in the Project window.

I do use it in the project window that is why I am scratching my head…

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It works for me here. Are you sure there MIDI Notes and the MIDI Controllers are both in the same MIDI Part?

Hi ,
yes, but the controller data is under the midi note event track in its controller lane like all the others like pan ,volume ,sustain etc. … Midi automation is extracted automatically .


Could you attach a screenshot, please?

Hi Martin,
thanks a lot for your help i made a small screen capture…
but it says i cant include links in my post???
So i can not attach this small video file???

Hi Martin,

trying the screencapture here

Sizeappliestimestrechtool.mp4 (674 KB)


I see, you mean the Automation data. These are not stretched with the MIDI /Audio Parts/Events by design.

Hi Martin,
thanks for staying here with me . Ok that means i have to leave all controllers on the midi track and if i need to make a change i have to go into the editor (key or score) right?
It would have been so nice having the automation following the track (editing) and to be honest i think its a flaw in design if it does not. Why should a change of the track break the relation to the automation?
That results in a completely cluttered automation track if you edit after automation.
Or is there an approach to use this different than i do?
Do you know the reason why it is not streched with mid/audio/events by design?


Keep all Controllers as MIDI CCs, don’t change them to the Automation data. Then you can use the Sizing Applies Time Stretch tool in the Project window. All MIDI data (including the MIDI CCs) will by stretched.