sizing audio via object selection tool

I was trying to size an audio file, or time stretch it via the selection tool, as i can see i hit the arrow buttom and choose “sizing applys to time stretch” which works fine, but then i set a new hotkey/keycommand, in this case i replaced the “x” for auto crossfades, to Preferences/audio-Time stretch Algorithm Tool, so i hold x, then a giant box appears that says “audio-Time stretch Algorithm Tool” but when i switch the arrow button back to normal sizing, holding the x, now has no effect, is there another keycommand i can use for this so i dont have to keep switching between normal sizing, and sizing applys to time stretch? Thanks

i also see hiting 1, three times, toggles to it, is there a way to make it so only one key jumps to it.

You want to select that tool directly? Can’t do it I’m afraid. It’s a 3-way toggle (boo!)

Unfortunately, no

It’s a 3-way toggle (Grrrrr :imp:)

ok thanks guys, just wanted to confirm if that’s correct, so theres no way to set just one key as a time stretch drag sizer/modifyer, like hold “x” drag it time stretches the wav? we are at the mercy of the triple toggle only?

There is a Macro to force tool 1 to always select the pointer (or probably to select any of the 3). Been using it so long in Cubendo, I almost forgot it’s there.

The Macro is something like

Tool - Tool 2
Tool - Previous tool

then allocate your usual Select Pointer Key command to that - keyboard 1 here (since Macs have dedicated function key commands in the OS)

presumably you could have 3 different macros to select the 3 varieties of Select and a different key command for each…

This macro prevents the 3 way cycling from happening, but still doesn’t allow direct selection of the sub-tool you want…

eg. you have “sizing applies timestretch” sub tool selected. You run the above macro, and you still have that tool selected.