Sizing event problem


New to cubase 10 pro, I have a problem with event resizing.
I have a guitar track taking 46 bars and another audio track 50.
I want to extend the final chord sound from the guitar part to ring until bar 50.

I read the doc and try to use the selection tool with ‘normal sizing’, I drag the lower right side of the guitar event, its starts increasing the event size … but stops before reaching 50 ? No way to go after 46.2 .

This is not in documentation or not easy to find, why can’t I resize this audio file as I want ? Seems that cubase is limited by the physical size of the file ?

I also tried copying, after splitting it, a selection of the original event, duplicating and gluing but after this action, I get a part, not an event and can’t access the sample editor ?

I was thinking it was a common operation but seems rather tricky, any help welcome.


Cut the Guitar before the very last note/chord in the Project window. Then use the Sizing Applies Time Stretch tool to stretch the audio.