Sizing moves content : add slip event

Slip event function is amazing (alt + shift + clic drag audio within event) But sometime you can’t slip it anymore once end of audio content reached event’s end. Would be nice to have “Slip Function Resize Event” so that while slipping (not sure we say this i’m not english :p) audio material if you reach the end, then margins of the event is resized so you can keep doing the slip function.
Often time i’m working with high zoom at a cut using the slip function and have to unzoom, locate right margin, resize event, zoom back, slip audio again. or I’m lazy to zoom out so I randomly cut the audio so I can keep slip the audio i’m working on but then have to extend the right margin once done.

To add another idea with slip funciont, when you “alt shif clit” on an event, would be nice to display a “ghost version” of the event like it’s full lenght (with transparency) so you can visualize beyond left and right margins to easily locate content you want to go slip to without having to open the lower zone