An instrumental piece.

Together with my son and one of my brothers,
I shall visit this house in late September as part of
a family history pilgrimage.

I wrote on spec to the occupants, who replied,
and who will be waiting for us with open arms.

Really beautiful song. It’s very pastoral as ambience. I really like it. Do you use a particular tuning, if so, is it possible to know it?


Hi and thanks for your kind comment.
I am glad you like my little tune.

The guitar is standard open D tuning. :wink:


I like it Jet. And I like the picture and the story. Sounds like a very cool journey!


thanks for joining me on this journey in your own very special way!


Love this thing. Mainly the way the electrics smoothly fit over the acoustics. The sentiment is beautiful too. Thanks for letting listen and comment. It’s a pleasure to learn from you.

Hi Leon.

Thanks for giving it a spin.

Not sure what you can learn from me here, except that I need to practice guitar harder! :laughing:


lovely music as always ,the acoustic sounds great is it a combination of mic and direct signal or what ,love it.

Thanks for the listen and glad you like it pol.

Acoustic was recorded up close with a pair of AKGs. It was my old parlour guitar I had not played for seven yesrs. De-gunked, restrung and tuned down for the very first time. She had been neglected for way too long.

Hi Jet, a long time between drinks for me but so nice to hear such work. Beautiful playing, great full sound and seemingly effortless writing. The notes and phrasing perfectly evoke the setting. Hope you have a marvellous time visiting.

All the best


I really like it! sounds almost like you are on a journey, thumbs up from me :slight_smile:

Jonathan, nice to hear from you. Happy you like this track.
I retired recently, and Popo’s family held a big restaurant bash for me.
They gave me an el-cheapo plywood guitar with all their names
burned into it. It wasn’t the greatest thing to play, so as an experiment I tuned it
down and…bingo…out came this tune! Otherwise, this “child” would probably never
have been born!

Walker, thanks for your kind comments. It is a journey indeed!

Wait a minute, this is your old “parlor guitar” or a cheapo plywood Popo’s family gave you? Doesn’t matter that much, but either way it does show how important good miking and mixing are. It’s a Martin to me! You really get a great sound on whatever it is you’re playing. Inspires me to keep using my terrible Yamaha acoustic guitar and figure out how to mix it. Best wishes on your retirement. Plywood is the most resilient top, you can’t destroy it!

Hi Leon, sorry if I confused you. The plywood beast is of rather dubious construction.
Although it is loud as hell and tunes OK, I think they forgot to put glue
on some of the cross bracing, so the whole body rattles and buzzes. Nowt to be done
about it.

The guitar in this recording is a very shallow-bodied and smallish Samick.
Very nice woods and finish. I resurrected it specifically for this track and
will probably leave it in open D now.

I was surprised how it ended up sounding! New strings that day helped. I paid more
attention to mic placement than I’d done in the past. The mics were
AKG C-4000Bs, and I set them up at right angles as close to each other
as possible and about 8" in front of the sound hole. I adjusted the mic
inputs on the preamp until I couldn’t see any variation in L-R signal in Cubase.
Light compression through my Fatso straight to tape.

And the room is all you hear, there is no reverb added, just a touch of delay
on the Rhodes. Wooden floors! You gotta love 'em.

The description of how you recorded the Samick helps. I have been recording my cheapo Yamaha with one mic. From now on, two mics in a stereo pair, 8 inches in front of the soundhole. Thanks. I may go back an re-record a couple of finished tracks!

As my guitar has a reduced bass response due to its size, I opted for the sound hole spot instead of the conventional neck-joins-body area. So your results may vary. All you can do is try until you find your Yammie’s own sweet spot.

Well, yes, my results will vary, but how mindless was I not to realize I needed a stereo pair. Yes, I have to find the sweet spot. Still, I’m impressed that your recording didn’t even need reverb. Lots for me to experiment with. Thanks so much.