Sketch Instruments?

Is it just me, or am I missing some of my Sketch Instruments?
I could be mistaken, but I thought I had different groups of presets existed in the Sketch section of the hub, but I now (with 4.3) only see 1 brass set that I created. I’m sure it’s my fault, but what happened? How can I get the default ones back-if they existed. I could be misremembering. Apologies if this is a silly question. I’m just curious.

It’s just you :slight_smile:

Still there for me

Any Idea where mine went? I no longer have any listed under Sketch except the one I created.

Did you edit your instrumentFamiliesDefinitions.xml file? Perhaps you accidentally deleted something. You could restore that file from a backup. You could also just reinstall Dorico as that file will be overwritten with the factory file on any update or reinstall. The factory Sketch instruments should have an entry like this in that file:

I did a reinstall, but they are still missing. Can I copy this into my instrument definitions? I’ve never edited my instrument definitions. Also , I didn’t uninstall Dorico before reinstalling. Should I do that?
Thanks. Very nice Big Band Test Piece, btw.

Thanks! Did you look at your version of that file? Are those entries missing? Here’s the factory file if that helps. You shouldn’t have to uninstall first if you decide to go that route, as all those xml files should be overwritten. (4.1 KB)

I see the string in my instrument families definitions. I’ll copy this to my folder. to see if that helps.
When I go to ‘Create New’, and open ‘Sketch’, I only see the brass one I created. I may be opening it incorrectly? I’m sure that previous to my upgrade to 4. 3 they were there. I’m too chicken to have evr messed with instrument definitions before. I suppose I can just create new Sketch templates from scratch, but it is odd that the default sketch templates are missing.

I copied your instrument definitions into Dorico, but there is still nothing showing under Sketch except the template I made. It’s not a big deal; I seldom use sketch anyway, but it would still be nice to have them. Thanks again!

Hmm, sorry, I’m not sure what’s up then. A reinstall “should” fix it anyway.

We’ll see. Thanks again for your help. Greatly appreciated!

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Looks like I’ll just have to live without it.

Sketch instruments don’t appear in the Hub. They appear in the instrument picker when you’re adding players to your project.

Thanks, Daniel! I thought I was just missing something. It’s been awhile since I used sketch, so I just forgot how. I am so grateful for your awesome support- and for Dorico. It’s amazing, and you make it better all the time!

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