Sketch strings and percussion missing sounds

Hi, there is no pizzicato articulation in HSSE Large Strings VX loaded when you choose sketch strings in new project.
Also sketch percussion plays only snare drum while having the whole Stereo GM Kit loaded into Halion.
It should be completed as the new users/composers are forced to learn how to map/apply playing techniques before they write anything…
Here comes next question : will Dorico 4 be supported/developed after D5 is released?

I cannot speak for the Team, but as a day-1-mere-user, I don’t recall seeing any updates for outdated versions. But there certainly are sales on upgrades eventually :wink:

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Short answer: no.

Slightly longer answer: while it’s not impossible that we might release an update to fix a critical bug in an earlier version, to date we’ve never actually done that.

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