Skinny Boy (dressed in a parka)

I have really vivid memories of growing up in the 70’s - the clothes I wore, the faces of the people I saw on the bus to school, the old tenement buildings in Glasgow, and streets I knew I’d never venture down - imagining where they went.

This song is about about being transported to a moment in time - sitting on the bus to school - silently watching my younger self, fall into a day dream, and wondering what sort of man I’d grow up to be.

It’s called Skinny boy (dressed in a parka) and is my second song with Cubase! Hope you have a listen :smiley:

I think you’ve captured the Beatlesque feel really well (as per your tag), including the discordant piano experimentation.
It transcends Glasgow too - it’s every boy in every city and the inherent insecurity of growing up into the big people’s world.
The Scots influence IS there (and I’ve just finished watching an episode of Transatlantic Sessions) in some of the guitar work.
Nice mix, particularly the backing vocal tracks - sat nicely, almost as the whispered subconciousness of childhood angst.
Not my usual style of listening but I really appreciated this one.
Thanks for sharing it with us.
Neil B

Thanks Neil - really appreciate your kind words.

Nice one, I agree with Neil B, you’ve definitely captured the atmosphere…vocal is very good but a little to “up” in the mix to my ears…but, great song!!..Kevin

well done created lots of images.