Skinny Scroll Bars


Go ahead: delete this as ‘unproductive’.

They are the worst… even worse than the new UI horrors because there were no lessons learned from C7… in fact, the skinny scroll bars are spreading.

LOL. I have gotten used to skinnier scrollbars in the latest versions of Mac OS (Mavericks and Yosemite). But the scrollbars in the Cubase 8 Project window are ridiculously narrow. Plus, they are STILL a different size (and different design) from the horizontal scrollbar in the Mix Console. I was ranting a while back about the fact that the scrollbars are different in various parts of Cubase. I don’t mind if the scrollbars are a little more narrow than the default Windows scrollbars. But at least make them consistent throughout the program!

Consistency, you say? You’re using the wrong DAW. The closest Cubase ever got to ‘consistent’ was SX1. Charlie made mention of this a few times back when there was a Charlie.

Consistency was finally outlawed once and for all during the Provolution.

I agree.

The scroll bars are too skinny, much too skinny.

I do agree with this sentiment as well. I also would like them to be skinnier than the previous size, but this is too much.

Yep, they need to put some weight on!

Do you guys not have a mouse wheel? I’m genuinely surprised by all these comments.

I do, use it all the time but for big moves the scroll bar is much quicker. Also when you’ve got multiple windows open and the focus is elsewhere, the scroll bar is quicker to work with too.

Incidentally, thread merge with this existing (and bigger) one?

any maybe the click and hold the mouse wheel for the hand grab tool and move the page that way…

i dont know what the Mac equivalent would be unfortunately .


Pleas, please, please make the scrollbars big everywhere, this 3 pixel thin stuff just is a huge obstacle for a smooth workflow. It’s just stealing you time and nerves everytime you need to touch it.

Yeah, waaaaaaay too small.

i see it’s those skinny bars already present in 7’s mediabay slowly bleeding over to the rest of the GUI. on one hand it’s nice to see the GUI slowly getting uniform (very slowly – there are still about 4 different styles of scrollbars throughout the program, and they’re not the only design element like this). on the other hand this is clearly at the expense of usefulness. it looks nice on a screenshot but that’s about it :confused:

You probably have the Magic Mouse with its awesome accelerated scrolling and are insulated from the problem. :smiley:

That’s the one thing I really miss in my Mac to PC switch.

I’ve tried all manner of substitutes from Logitech to Gaming Mice (including using Apple bootcamp drivers with the Magic Mouse, itself), it’s just not the same.

And it’s not the just mice hardware or drivers to blame. OS X does an incredible job at tightly integrating the touch mouse acceleration into the hardware acceleration of the Gfx chipset, itself. Buttery smooth.

Even the non-linear math used for the acceleration is somehow better.

It all adds up to beautiful scrolling on the Mac.

PC / Windows doesn’t have a solution this tight yet and I miss it.

Yeah, too small. They should have just used the scrollbar from the Mix Console for both usability and consistency.

Yes, all scroll bars are way too small, especially on higher resolution monitors - they are not even 2mm wide.

Although appearance has some importance, practical use should be of the main fundamental importance.

my girlfriend has skinny scroll bars, kinda like them

One assumes they’re much easier to find, grasp and manipulate than the ones in Cubase.

:laughing: :laughing:

i would love to upgrade. but im always fearful of the change.

(the girlfriend…that is…)

Now my wife, that another story. :slight_smile:

Oldie but a goodie, “take my wife…please” :wink: .

But, yes, I would like fatter scrollbars too (nothing to do with the missus though). Also, scrolling anywhere at the top of the mixer, except the scrollbars, can change values without realising it’s happened. I don’t know what the solution to that might be?