Skinny Scrollbars Stink

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Hate to be the odd one out but I like these tiny scroll bars precisely because they don’t take up much space. I rarely use them -I navigate with the mouse scroll wheel (plus modifier key for horizontal scrolling or zooming) which I find much quicker than a scroll bar, large or small.

Add me to the odd ones as well.

Maybe I would need a direct comparison for a final decision, but I get by quite fine so far as well. It’s just a bit unusual and irritating at first, because the old scrollbars had become a part of the general UI body feeling.

+1 here as well


Ha ha ha!!! I’ve only been using Cubase (and WaveLab) for three months and came to the same conclusion. For all my hair-pulling, your comment is cathartic and appreciated. Under the hood, these products are wildly powerful, but between the ‘inventive’ UI elements, the unintuitive menu structure, and the documentation (that reads like a provisional patent application), they’re unnecessarily difficult to grasp. I sincerely wish Steinberg would reach outside their immediate labor pool and contract a dedicated UI expert to perform a usability study and recommend standard/popular UI conventions where appropriate. And, while I’m ranting, that includes following best practices for readability and negative space. That is to say, cramming as much of everything into as little space as possible eventually produces diminished returns.

And I agree with what has already been said: Where there are sufficient supporters on both sides of a usability debate, offer a choice in Preferences. [Or, stick with tradition and hide it in a submenu somewhere.]

Now, Steinberg, since I’m so eternally upset, here’s my $99 upgrade fee. :mrgreen:

I’ve been saying that since SX2. SX1 was a ‘clean slate’. If one were able to look back, it was explicitly designed to be clean and simple. Unfortunately… and I -know- how unPC this sounds, I always come back to a certain ‘Germanic’ concept of UI design which seems like the total opposite of ‘Silicon Valley’ UX. They just can’t seem to help themselves—they -live- to cram as many gizmos as possible onto each window.

This is the tired analogy I always think of WRT Cubase: I think back to my old BMW where (literally) -every- gizmo always felt like it was in the wrong place versus American or Japanese autos… eg. the window controls were right where you wouldn’t expect them top be… next to the stick shift! :open_mouth: Yes, one can get used to these things, but it takes a TON of memorisation or added effort, which takes one’s mind off of THE ROAD! It seems like they go out of their way to be (cough) ‘distinctive’. To my mind, people use Windows or Mac largely for a CONSISTENT UI.

Why -not- use the standard icons/objects/etc? Why the need to re-invent the scrollbar? (…er ‘wheel’)

To my mind, the minimalist designs of web apps should be the goal. Valhalla plug-ins are a great example.

Definitely +1

Trying using the scrollbars on a 4K screen… PAIN!

I thought it was just me suntower. I have a Hyundai Genesis 4.6, and although the placement of accessories in my car is not as bad as what you mentioned, everything in the Genesis seems as if though it were moved two to three inches from where I’m expecting them to be. Not in a good way either. :laughing: Prior to this, all I drove was Chevrolets. Every single day I drive this car, I curse the person who designed it that way.

Sorry, back on topic, it would be nice if Steinberg had designed some sort of ribbon controller for scrolling.

+1 for improving the skinny scroll bars and the missing arrows.

I find it amazing that this has to be put in as a “Feature Request” instead of an “Issue” due to incompetent program design. :frowning:

I’m sure there are others…

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My number 1 irritating problem, miss grabbing having to focus a second or third time is the thing that happens most during my sessions with cubase.
While reserving as much as possible screen estate is a good thing, but regarding this scrollbars they must re-consider!

AGAIN: There’s more to it than just skinniness…

  1. Yes, they are skinny and non-standard.

  2. The ‘arrows’ at left/right (or up/down on vertical bars) are now missing. THIS IS EVEN MORE TROUBLING TO ME. I NEED THESE!

  3. And on some windows (notably, the VST Instruments Rack) the scroll bars are COMPLETELY GONE!

Look… there’s a -reason- MS and Apple and Linux create an OS/GUI… to engender a consistent UI! It’s not only foolish, but ARROGANT to create a unique UI with the assumption that one knows better than (literally) hundreds of thousands of hours of usability testing. There is a -reason- that these UI objects exist in the way that they do!


Look… there’s a -reason- MS and Apple and Linux create an OS/GUI… to engender a consistent UI! It’s not only foolish, but ARROGANT to create a unique UI with the assumption that one knows better than (literally) hundreds of thousands of hours of usability testing. There is a -reason- that these UI objects exist in the way that they do!

Couldn’t have stated the case better. This is a classic example of needlessly bad design.


However, they are broader than you think. You don’t have to put the mouse cursor exactly on the bar. But still confusing.

I have a similar problem with the Windows 10 edges when moving windows around, I miss about half of the time.

what about a “hand” tool

when activated:

left mouse button = fixate hand on screen
left mouse button again = release fix point
mouse up/down/left/right = move up down left right from fixated point
mouse wheel = center screen to and and zoom in/out of fix point

Do you mean in addition to the middle-click hand tool?

well, yeah… an “improved” hand tool so to speak… ( with “fixate” and “zoom to” function )

(p.s. given - i always forget about that middle click hand :stuck_out_tongue: ) - i guess pressing that scroller as a button is kind awkward to me)

thx and remind me again every few months :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: yes, i see it now…! all those functions i described in my post above, all toggled by the middle click.

(click middle once to fixate and enter “smart mode” and click again to release… - for people who like it how it is now, the “long hold” system can be preserved while adding the additional “smart hand” functions described above

Please juse give me back some usable scroll bars and more importantly ARROWS. :imp:

So, what is it… day 12 with our new CB9 and I feel I have to chime in here again. :confused:

I suppose it was just a bad programming design choice to make the scroll bars so skinny. Bottom line is that they are too skinny and this needs to be fixed.


The missing left/right and up/down arrows on the vertical and more importantly, horizontal scroll bar make it a crap shoot when moving to the position you want to hit. The movement without the arrows is just not fine enough to allow for an accurate position.

If someone has figured out a way to accurately move left/right with the scroll bar please share.

And the missing scroll bars from some windows. Holy Moly!

These issues should be considered programming “bugs”. Eliminating them had to be a mistake.

Steinberg please fix these as soon as possible.

Suntower… have you tried to submit this as an issue? If not, please copy/paste your 1st post on this thread to the “Issues/Bug Report” area and let the powers decide if these are worthy to be fixed or if… whatever. :unamused:

Regards :sunglasses:

I genuinely didn’t realize that people use the arrow buttons on scrollbars.