Skip Measure Count?

I’m trying to get Dorico to not count the first measure of my piece. How can I do that? My first thought was to do it via making it a pickup measure, but it’s not working for some reason (ticking the “Pikcup Bar of” tickbox isn’t doing anything).
Any ideas?

Would using a bar number change on the second full bar to bar 1, and then hiding that bar number via Properties, work?

Is your first bar intended to be a pick-up bar (as in, you want it to contain fewer beats than a full bar in your time signature)?

Originaly I was going to have it be a pickup bar, but it ended up being almost the same duration as a normal bar. Here is the screenshot. All I’m looking for is to make Dorico see it as a pickup bar.

You can just put in a bar number change to zero, and hide it.

This is very non-standard, though. I think the double barline makes it clear enough.

Provided you input the time signature with a pick-up (e.g. enter 2/2,1.75 into the Shift-M popover if you wanted to knock off the eighth at the start of the bar) and the pick-up’s total duration is less than a standard bar in that time signature, Dorico will treat it as a pick-up bar and it won’t count towards the bar count.

That property (Group first bar as pick-up) doesn’t apply to any bar 1, only partial first bars input with the pick-up bar formula – it changes how notes are beamed/grouped.

How do I change the bar number to zero?

See here.

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