Sknote plugins - awesome stuff, very cheap.

Please, I urge you all, check out

In particular the following plugs:
Strip/Bus - console emulation for channels and bussing, this now has 4 consoles included and believe me it is very different from any of the others in what it models. Try it - the learning curve is steep but oh! how worthwhile. Gotta love that Gates console!!
C165 - a stunning emulation of the classic DBX compressor - this thing is blindingly fast and sounds great)
GTS-39 - based on a vintage Gates compressor, this thing rocks on bass guitars. It is pretty damn good across the board, but shines brightest (I think) on bass & low end. Awesome.

They are “closed” until Jan 21, but after then you really owe it to yourself to look into this guys work.
You will be glad you did!