SL 11.0.10: no spectogram in ARA mode in Nuendo 12 or 13

Graphics driver up to date, N12 and N13 on latest build…
Plus: SL does not open in lower zone

No waveform or no spectrogram ? If that’s just the waveform, it’s hidden by default in ARA mode, but you can certainly expand it from just above the spectrogram simply by clicking and dragging it down.

Sorry, Robin - I expressed myself imprecisely…I meant, of course, no spectrogram…

Same problem here with SL 11.0.10 and Cubase 13.

For all having this problem : please provide the logs located in %APPDATA%/Steinberg/SpectraLayers Pro 11.0/logs

SpectraLayers (1.4 KB)

Thanks Robin,
For testing purposes I installed SL 10 again - with this version everything works as usual…

SpectraLayers (1.7 KB)

@Thomas @Edwin Can you install this build 368 and let me know if that fixes the issue on your side ? If not, please send me the new logs after trying it.

Thanks for your quick efforts Robin, much appreciated! :pray:

Unfortunately it dit not work, here is the log output:
SpectraLayers (1.9 KB)

Thanks very much Robin,

the same result as with Edwin - unfortunately it didn’t work…neither in N12 nor in N13

SpectraLayers (3.3 KB)

@Edwin @Thomas Ok, can you now try build 369 ?
Same thing, if it doesn’t work, please send me the latest logs.
Unfortunately I can’t repro the issue on my side, so I appreciate your feedback as I try to get more hints on this !

Many thanks for your efforts!!

I first had SL 10 and 11 both installed and when I tried to send an audio event to the SL 11 extension, N13 froze…after I uninstalled SL 10, no extension for SL 11 was displayed …

SL 11 was not even recognized as an extension with this build.

SpectraLayers (1.9 KB)

When you uninstall SL (no matter the version), it uninstall the latest installed ARA plugin too (no matter the version) - so to get SL11 back as an ARA plugin, you need to install SL11 again.

@Edwin @Thomas I forgot to ask, what’s your graphic card ? (manufacturer, model, memory size…), and did you try installing again the latest graphic driver for it ?

Also, did you use WaveLab ARA at some point ?

I didn’t know that…so I installed SL 11 again, SL 11 is now recognized as an ara plugin again, but when I try to open it, Nuendo freezes…
SpectraLayers (1.9 KB)

Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080, 64 GB, 3840x2160, 30 Hz, latest driver from 06/04/2024

I did not use WaveLab….

Thanks - meanwhile you can reinstall the official version (build 367), at least it won’t freeze when assigning SpectraLayers.

Thank you Robin,

I just deactivated my graphics card, but that didn’t make any difference…

Hi Robin,

Build 369 completely froze Cubase 13 as soon as as I applied Spectralayers to a track.
Opening wavelab 12 as ARA-extension works fine.

My graphicscard is a NVIDEA GeForce GT 710 2GB
Drivers are the latest from may-1-2024

Hello mates,
I experiment the same issue here. Flag the thread.

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