SL 11 FR - don't save the WAV files in the Cubase project file, please

Yeah, I know SL10 was released yesterday, but you need something to do, see … :rofl:
Now what I would like to see in SpectalLayers 11 is a better handing of the files which somehow are saved on top of each other in the project file which becomes ginormous!!! There are workarounds like rendering the processed SL stuff out as wav files but if you want to save the project and get back later and keep editing that’s a no go. If it’s possible I’d like to see the SL files in a separate folder just linked to the Cubase project, like most modern programs handling large files do it, please.
Other than that so far SpectralLayers 10 is a quantum leap forward in a already surreal program.

It’s actually been an ongoing subject of discussion for years internally, but ultimately this depends on the DAW how it wants to handle this. Ideally the users should be able to choose in Cubase if they want the ARA data to be saved internally (inside the project file) or externally (in a folder which Cubase manages).
Letting the ARA plugin handle this would raise way too many dependency/project integrity issues.

I have no idea of the inner workings of it all. I’m just happy you talk about it internally! :sunglasses: