SL 7 Pro Demo

I am nuts about SL One which came with Cubase Pro 11. A couple of questions before I try out the demo of SL Pro:

  1. Is the demo completely really fully functional, including saves etc? (I.e., is the demo really a 30 day license of the full program?)
  2. I have already installed Cubase Pro 11, and thus SL One. If I understand correctly, installing the SL Pro demo now will mean that the demo takes precedence over my ARA connection. What if I after the demo expires decides not to upgrade to SL Pro but continue with One instead: how do I get One to take precedence over the ARA connection?

Really looking forward to try the unmix drums function.


Too bad they don’t offer a demo demo.

Hi Magnus,

1/ Yes the 30 days trial of Pro is fully functional. No feature restriction.

2/ Actually you don’t even have to install something else : just activate a Pro trial license in the eLicenser Control Center. At the end of the Pro trial it will revert to the One license, and your ARA projects will still be functional in One, regardless if you used them on Pro or One.

Hi Robin,

Thanks, that sounds fantastic! SL is really something else. I am very curious to see if Pro 7 will be able to meet my very high expectations from One.

All the best,