SL 8 Pro crossgrade, moving from iZ RX7

Hi all, been using RX7 Standard for a couple of years and currently thinking of crossing to SL 8 Pro whilst it’s on the Cyberweeks promo. I wonder if anyone who’s used both would care to comment on their experience and address the following queries?

My common uses are cleaning up noisy guitar parts (hums +buzzes), removing string squeaks, occasionl thumps and bangs etc. Once in a while I’ll strip out a vocal or drum part, or de-noise/restore an older recording.
A lot of this is achievable with dedicated plugins in the RX suite, or with some pretty straightforward spectral editing, I understand the SL approach is a bit different and I’m wondering if there are similar easy/quick tools in SL?

A big bonus for me would be seemingly be ARA integration leading to a smoother workflow? I’ve read some reports here of SL being a bit sluggish under certain circumstances but TBH my current going backwards and forwards between 2 distinct ecosystems isn’t exactly super-quick.

I’m assuming that providing proof of elegibility for a crossgrade is by giving my RX licence # at some point during the webshop purchase?
I’m also assuming that an SL licence (currently) sits on my dongle in the same way as my Cubase licence (currently) does? I do know that there’s a change coming to the whole SB licensing setup though!

I’ve used both programs . The best way to compare SL8 to RX7 would be to download and play with the SL8 demo. One thing I will say right off the bat is that, in SL8, you can’t review effects, including VST plugs, in real time, like you can in RX7. You have to apply the effect “offline”, then review the file.

I’ll add that SL8 relies a lot less on AI than RX7 does, so you have to do more analysis yourself with SL8. But I think the benefit is that, if you’re experienced doing NR, there is a lot less artifacting with SL8 than there is with RX7.

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Thanks for the reply, that’s very helpful. I will be downloading the demo, but I also find it really useful to hear from folk who can share some day to-day experience.

It’s kind of hard to convey the experience of using SL8 verbally, coming off of RX7, because the two programs are really very different animals. I’d suggest trying the SL8 demo THEN asking questions, because it’s really hard to convey the different experiences verbally. It’s up to you, of course.

Good plan. there’s offers running on SL8 (and RX9) for a while longer yet , so I 'll have a chance to play around with the demo. Thanks again.