SL 9 Pro ARA from Cubase 12 Register Noise or Register Ambience crashes out

Early hours of attempting a few things in SL 9 , but on attempting to select a block and use Register Noise or Register Ambience crashes.
Cubase 12 Pro kicks up an error, and it was something like …registernoise.dll something something. Its make a bunch of 800 KB dump files, so given the size I’m not so inclined to upload those.
I just checked and both my Cubase 12 Pro and SL 9 Pro are the most current updates.
“Error: A serious problem has occurred … if this persists please contact Steinberg Technical Support with a description …”
Versions: Cubase = 12.0.30 and SL 9.0.10, OS = Windows 10 21H2 and latest patches. CPU is 4 core, i5-4570, 32 GB ram and SSD C: drive with lots of spare space (for now).

The same thing used to work fine in Cubase 11 Pro and SL 8 Pro, but I’ve not used it much and not for some time. I was attempting to “play around” with SL 9 on some audio from NASA of Apollo 11, and was going to just see what it could do with the background noise. More an excuse to try out SL 9 than because I need to do something to those recordings.

Hi @Jim_Towler thanks for reporting, can you send the crash dumps to contact {at} divideframe (dot) com ?

Sorry, I don’t know who you are, and your email address is not within, so I think no sorry.

But later I found there was some kind of send button on the crash screen, so it seems cubase sent some logs somewhere. Not sure I’m happy about that either, as no idea what got included, or where it got sent.

That’s Robin Lobel, the creator and main developer of SpectraLayers. Open SpectraLayers and click Help > About.

The crash dumps are only sent to Steinberg if you click Send. They mostly provide vague info to the developers (like if a certain plugin or feature of Cubase is frequently causing crashes for multiple users) and have limited usefulness without reproduction steps.

Oh, thanks for the info.
Sorry Robin, no offense intended.
This PC that has all my music apps does not have email, so I’ll have to try later to work something out. I’ve got stuff I need to do for the next 6 or so hours, so will look into the log files after that. Maybe I can try and set up Outlook or something to work with my email account.

Last 2 cubase crash dumps emailed now.

But also as I noted in the email, after 1 crash today, SL 9 Pro appears to now be working. I’ve not rebooted or done anything much to the PC since last night.