SL losing focus to Cubase

When I come out of a dialog box - Settings or Harmonics for example - I find that if I press H say I don’t get the Hand tool but Cubase has stolen the focus and my project zooms instead! Even though Cubase’s focus stays on the lower pane throughout. It only seems to happen if I use a button to close the box ie ok or cancel - if I click the close (x) button focus stays within SL.

This explains other odd behaviour. I could never understand why, when deselecting with Ctrl-D, the waveform would sometimes go blank and a duplicate external layer would appear - unreferenced by History. It turns out that I had inadvertently duplicated the event in my project, which created an duplicate external layer in SL (but empty, hence the blank waveform). I can’t remember if I’d just come out of a dialog or what but I’ve been trying this out for a couple of weeks now and the focus just seems a bit… flaky? Not quite the right word perhaps but it might explain why I often find myself having to press shortcut keys twice in SL to get them to trigger. I’m not convinced that the integration of SL in the Cubase environment is as good as it might be…

In a similar way SL doesn’t respond to Command-z when used with ARA/Cubase. Cubase steals the shortcut for the undo command and one has to click it in the drop down menu.

Big Sur

Yes, you’re right but sometimes it does work! Go figure. As for the Tab key…