SL Pro 7.0.21.....Sensitivity......I don't get it

Sum total of what the manual says is…

Unmix Stems now features a Sensitivity parameter for each
instrument to adjust how the artificial intelligence algorithm will
perform the separation.

Well…how are you supposed to experiment with setting those when you can’t hear what they do???

Near as I can figure, I’d have to adjust a sensitivity slider blindly, then render (unmix the stems) before I can hear what the sensitivity actually did. Isn’t there a way to audition the sensitivity control while it’s up on the subscreen before you hit the “unmix” button?

Another thing…“other” is greyed out. Indeed if I deselect vocal etc, the other tab then shows other+vocal (or something). Why is “Other” greyed out? It does seem to catch info once stems are unmixed. I looked around in preferences to see if there’s something I missed but nope.

So palease explain the use of sensitivity sliders before committing the unmix.