SL Pro 9 not appearing in Nuendo 12

Spectralayers Pro 9 nor even SL One are appearing in Nuendo12. I don’t even have an extension sub category under Audio to look in currently.

WaveLab Pro 11 shows up under Audio menu, 3rd from the top, but no Spectralayers whatsoever.

Yes, it is installed and yes it is activated. Its being glitchy as hell but I was just (attempting to) edit audio with it a moment ago but I had to close Nuendo and open up SL Pro 9 to do it, which defeats the purpose of sticking with Steinberg products if they’re not all gonna work together.

WaveLab Pro 11 DOES give me the option to edit with SL Pro 9.

Is there another way to open it in Nuendo12 Im not aware of that might work?

I had the same problem and ended up reinstalling SL 9 and that fixed it.

Hi Tikk Go to programs and select Steinberg Activation Manager , launch and activate SL9 it will work as had the same issue

SL9 is already activated. I can use SL9 Pro standalone. Thats not the problem.

The problem is that it doesn’t appear in Nuendo12, where I need it to be.

When it just needs to be activated, SL One should appear in Nuendo under the “Audio” menu, near the top. At our studio, “Edit in WaveLabPro” appears there but “Edit in Spectralayers Pro” does not.

We had this same issue after updating to SL8 Pro too but I fixed it somehow. Ill try uninstalling and re-installing. That might be what did the trick last time.

It seems that it’s not activated yet if it was it would show in nuendo, it works in stand alone mode without activated it

It opens in standalone as SL One, if SL Pro isn’t activated, as long as Nuendo is.
We’ve been able to use SL 9 Pro in standalone no problem. Unmix stems, remove drums, remove vocals, etc. Its just not popping up in Nuendo.

Ill trying reinstalling after we put the main computer back together tomorrow

You need to open Steinberg Activation Manager
You will see its not activated click on activate and your good to go

I am also having this issue and it is indeed activated.

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Reinstall resolved it but there must be something else causing it as this is the 2nd time I’ve had to reinstall.

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