SL10.0.10 GPU processing works great in standalone but not in Cubase 12..60 SOLVED

Testing v10.0.10 the GPU utilization works fine in the standalone version but fails in Cubase ARA. My new GPU is NVIDIA Geforce RTX 3060 (a Zotec Twin Edge video card). It has a utilitity program (Firestorm) for checking the GPU and memory clocks, the temperature and the fans. When I start Unmix Song in the standalone the GPU clock jumps to the max 1807 value and the memory clock to the 7500 but in Cubase it stays on the base clock values. When I switch on the extension mode they jump for a second but then they fall back. Playing the review for a layer moves the clocks for a second (but not for the max values) then it falls back, jumps again and so forth. As I am using the Unmix feature mainly in Cubase it would be good to utilize the GPU in that mode as well. (That was the main reason I bought this new video card for my DAW computer). I’ve already tried all of the settings in Cubase Studio Setup Audio System.

Did you apply the fix mentioned under AI Processing Device in the documentation ?

I’ve just tried it. By copying that .dll file when I hit the Review button Cubase immediately quits and when I try to start processing with the OK button it generates a crash message and crash dump.
Cubase 64bit 2023.7.24 (1.5 MB)

Just to be sure, you completely restarted Cubase after copying the dll into Cubase’s folder?

I’ve made a complete Windows restart as well, it is the same.

It seems the problem is solved. Installing that .dll somehow changed the AI Processing Device in Spectralayers’ System preferences. My other video card is NVIDIA as well, but an old, unpowerful card.(NVIDIA Geforce GT 710 Silent). Changing back to the new card solved the crashing issues.

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Perfect. Patch 2 won’t require the fix, and will filter out unsupported GPUs such as a GT 710.

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