SL10.0.10 -> Instant Shutdown when applying Noisy Speech

PC goes down when attempting to preview or apply Noisy Speech in SL 10.10.
Not even a BSOD, just a complete shutdown.
This is a W11 DAW on an Intel i9 13900KS. Nuendo 12.07 runs perfect .
Changing AI Processing device from CPU to Nvidia had the same result → instant shutdown PC.
Anyone got a clue ?


Hi Stevie,
no clue because there are not much information about the shutdown.

You should have a look in the Windows Event Viewer, under System and look for the time when the shutdown happened. Search for some errors or warnings just before the machine restarted (there will be many events), there you should find something that gives you a hint for the shutdown.

FWIW there were a couple reports like that with a previous version of SpectraLayers, also when applying an AI process. The AI processes in SL10 are very different from AI processes in previous versions of SL (both in term of models and libraries), but all those AI processes have in common is to use all your CPU threads at once rapidly to the max (FYI Noisy Speech is not yet GPU accelerated).
It was rooted that the cause of the shutdown was the CPU not being properly configured to handle this sudden burst of power.

The solution at that time was changing a BIOS setting so that the CPU could handle the sudden burst of power required by the AI processes: SL Pro 8 - Crash on Unmix Stems - #2 by Robin_Lobel