SL10 Black screen on open any project or uploading a file

Hi all,

just facing a black screen when uploading a new file or opening a project in Spectrolayers 10.
Was working fine till yesterday! so I’m assuming its the graphic card but why was working before? really strange…
OpenGl version 4.3
DirectX 12.0
When i hover the mouse on the black screen and click i can see menus and all…

photo attached! I can only upload one i see…

Any ideas…?

thx in advance!

Yes this definitely looks like a video driver issue - what’s your GPU ? can you install the latest driver for it and reboot your computer ?

I already try it!
I thing its time to update the laptop. I see no other option.
but its strange that worked for some reason…

spectra 3

In theory that configuration is supported, in practice it’s indeed quite old (10 years) and intel graphics drivers at that time were usually pretty bad… So yeah a laptop upgrade wouldn’t hurt!