SL10 crashes occasionally

some effects still crash when cancelling them. When abborting “unmix Levels” for example while previewing and still playing, clicking on Cancel freezes SL10 and needs to be force quit.

MBP, Monterey, SL 10.0.20

Unfortunately I can’t repro the crash. Would you be able to provide the Apple Crash Report ? You can paste it here or send it to contact [at] divideframe (dot) com.

Hi Robin, thanks for reply. Here is a crashreport that I just took out of Konsole when SL just crashed again under same circumstances. Force quit didn’t produce a crashreport so I hope this is the right information. If not, please pm me and I will work it out according to your advice then.
please see attached.

SLCrashReport.pdf (197.8 KB)

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