SL10 Pro Manual - Is there a decent one?

I know there is a simple online Operations Manual…

…but it’s no more than a list of what it can do - an extension of the GUI.

But is there a manual which explains why and when I might use each tool, and to what end, the pitfalls, techniques, methods, suggestions, advice, tutorials etc.

I’ve been editing waves just fine since 1990, and I’ve been with SL since v7, yet never really got to grips with it. I do all the usual things with it, but when it comes to a real technical challenge, I still fail. I have a song which has a nasty noise in it which comes and goes, and I have singularly failed to remove this noise ever since I bought SL to do that very job.

So where do I learn this stuff to a better level?

I fear this amazing software gets overlooked by many as the jump from waveform editing to spectral editing is just too great.

I’ve searched Youtube and the internet for decent tutarials or a proper manual, and all I keep finding is people doing the basics, splitting songs into stems etc, but no proper advice on how to get the best out of the programme or deal with more trying examples.

Anyone found anything for SL which goes deeper?

How about this?

Blimey! :man_facepalming: :person_shrugging:


I have no idea why this has never come up previously in all my searching. I had only ever found a very concise GUI manual online, which is also called the Operation Manual, so I thought that was it…

I’m off for a good read! :+1: :slight_smile:

Enjoy :slight_smile:

Oh I will! :slight_smile:

Hit f1 in SpectraLayers (Help) and it will take you the html or pdf version:

SpectraLayers Pro 10 Documentation (