SL10 Windows WASAPI playback issue


sorry that my first post here is a long post about an issue. I purchased the SL10 update a few days ago and encountered the following problem:

I’m on Windows 10. RME HDSP AIO soundcard. Driver version 4.45. I use Realphones, a software for linearizing/virtualizing headphones for headphone playback. It operates as a system-wide audio device on Windows. It is set as my default playback device. All audio playback in Windows – except in cases I switch to ASIO – is routed through Realphones. This goes for things like web browser and Spotify as well as for various audio apps, one of them being SpectraLayers. This has always worked without any issues. Most importantly, SL9 works flawlessly till this day.

However, SL10 is causing problems in the exact same configuration. When playing back audio in SL10, it sounds weird and flangey and seems to create some sort of feedback(?) whine. I recorded the playback of pink noise and a creaky door recording via loopback.

I hope it’s ok to do circumvent the forum newbie upload/link limitation in this case: You can listen to the audio of the issue in this private soundcloud playlist: on dot soundcloud dot com slash CrpYD

I play the audio file first in SL9 and then in SL10. I start/stop each file twice before letting it play through completely – this is important to hear the problems (whining when stopped).
Realphone processing is bypassed. This means that playback goes still through Realphones, but no tonal changes occur.

Here are my detailed descriptions/observations:

– If I stop the playback before the end of the file, a feedback-like whining tone occurs. During playback, it is not there. But playback sounds flangey/doubled. The tone only disappears, if you either continue playing and let the file play to the end or if you close SL10. It also changes frequency when you stop playback at different parts of a file.

– The issues occur regardless of the sample rate of the played file and system sample rate.

– Changing buffer size has no effect, neither the buffer settings in SL10 nor in Realphones.

– Everything is fine when using WASAPI playback without Realphones and when using ASIO playback.

– Playback in SL9 works as expected.

PS: When trying to find a solution and comparing SL9 and SL10, I saw they use different version of RtAudio (5.10 and 5.20 respectively). I’m no programmer but I see that this is an audio API and they claim on their webpage that they made “various WASAPI updates” in 5.20. Could this be related to my issue?

Thank you.

Hi @R0nny sorry to hear that. Yes you may be right about the RtAudio lib update, as this is (as far as I remember) the only change that was made to the audio system. It’s too late for patch 1, but I’ll have a look at this issue for patch 2.

Hi @Robin_Lobel , thank you! I’ll work around the problem until then.