SL11.010 Still slow

I just installed the maintenance update 010 and unmixed a song of 4:31 min.
It took 21 minutes to do that in the extreme setting.
Then I did the same in SL10.050 and the same song took 5 min.
However the quality in SL11 is not a factor 4x better.
My system is Intel i7-8700 CPU @ 3.20GHz, installed RAM 32GB with Windows 10 v 22H2. Display Adapter: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB.

I there something I can do to improve…?

Did you activate your GeForce in Edit > Preferences > System ?

BTW the time it takes to compute is -not- linearly proportionate to the quality of the results, it’s rather a logarithmic relationship between quality and compute time…

I have NVIDIA Control Panel Version 536.23, I don’t see Edit>Preferences>System

I understand about quality. It is more a consideration for myself to use SL10 instead of SL11 when I do not want to wait too long.

It’s a setting in SpectraLayers, not in the GeForce Control Panel. :wink:

Oeps :hot_face:

I see a possibility to chose between CPU and NVIDIA. When I select NVIDIA it warns me about too less VRAM

How many RAM does your GeForce has ? You said 9GB in your first message but it’s unlikely.

Oh sorry I am not working very secure today I see. That’s a typo it must be 6GB (as can be seen in the screen dump).

P.S. I have edited now

6GB is not officially supported, but could work. Give it a try.

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Thanks I’ll give it a try otherwise I may buy a new GPU card.

So I did the same test and I can tell you that it gave the same result as in SL10.
Although the value is less than required or should I say preferred, 6GB RAM on the GPU is enough to speed up the process significantly.
My test was a song of 4:31 min. unmixing, originally it took 21 minutes. With the extra RAM of the GPU it did it in 5 min.
So, thank you Robin my problem is solved. :ok_hand:


It would be good to include this on the system requirements page. For example, 4GB was enough for SL10, I then bought one with 6GB (although, in fairness, I also wanted one with no fans or special connectors).

This is approximately also what I find with my 6GB NVIDIA, so it is a significant acceleration.

That being said if it seems to work with 6GB GPUs, I might adjust the official requirements… I would just need a 6GB AMD GPU to confirm, but they are not as widely as available as NVIDIA GPUs.

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I confirm this too. Significant acceleration with 6GB NVIDIA.

While testing, I realized that unmixing a voice track using ARA takes longer than doing it in SL StandAlone at the highest quality, at least. I don’t have an 8 GB graphics card (I don’t use the computer to play) for now I will continue unmixing the songs in SL Standalone

I replaced my GTX 1650 4GB NVIDIA with a RTX 3060 12GB and unmixing a song now takes less than half the time. A 4.20min song in 1.30min.

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verstehe ich das richtig?
Ich benötige unbedingt eine leistungsstarke Grafikkarte?? - meine schnelle CPU (Ryzen 9 5600x) und 32 GB RAM bei 3200MHz reichen alleine nicht aus, um angemessen schnell zu entmischen?
Das verstehe ich nicht.
Grüße Holger

Hallo Holger,
der Prozessor auf der Grafikkarte (GPU) kann spezielle Berechnungen, die z.B. für hochauflösende Echtzeitgrafiken in Videospielen benötigt werden, sehr viel schneller ausführen, als die dafür nicht optimierte CPU. Die entsprechenden GPU-Funktionen können aber auch für Berechnungen in anderen Anwendungsbereichen genutzt werden.
Das Entmischen per CPU dauert im Vergleich zu einer aktuellen GPU in aller Regel deutlich länger.

Hallo Martin,

Danke für Deine Erklärung.
Ich habe mir soeben eine gebrauchte GTX 1070 mit 8GB RAM bestellt und bin gespannt, um wieviel es damit schneller geht.

Beste Grüße